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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review features price and releasing date

  • Monday, 12 August 2013
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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Review features price and releasing date

    On March 14 Samsung unpacked its 4th smartphone of Galaxy S series. Samsung Galaxy S4 is yet to be retailed. It has a bit of everything in it and takes full advantage of technology available. With wide and sleek design Samsung Galaxy S4 is appealing and beautiful.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Review features price and releasing date

    Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost in middle of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note as it could feel awkward for a person who is using a smartphone for the 1st time in this era but does not matter much for a regular smartphone user. Samsung Galaxy S4 does not have metallic body like HTC one and also does not have polished look like iphone 5 but it has its own manufacturing benefits using plastic body and certainly cost benefit.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 use Android 4.2.2 jelly bean most latest OS. It has tons of new enhancements done by Samsung larger notifications tray helps to easily turn on and off Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Eye tracking and call blocking. Samsung Galaxy S4 adjusts brightness it self to let the users feel more comfortable while using different apps. Samsung Galaxy S4 also introduces Galaxy S Drive Voice that helps user to use Galaxy S4 while driving, you can text, make calls, navigate and check weather without using phone by your hands. 

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Review features price and releasing date

    Samsung also for the first time adds 13 megapixel camera to Galaxy S4 with sharper result and probably better than iphone 5 and HTC. 2 megapixel front cam also have better result than Galaxy S4. Galaxy S4 also have capability to take picture from both cams at a time you can also use front cam to form background and main cam to form inset. 

    Galaxy S4 will be available for retailing later this month and expected to be price between US$200 with 16 GB internal memory, well you can get this in this much anywhere.Samsung Galaxy S4 does not have anything that can pull a typical iphone or HTC user nevertheless Galaxy S4 has everything for everyone. 

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