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How to copy a copyrighted CD

  • Saturday, 28 September 2013
  • sama arooj
  • How to copy a copyrighted CD
    How to copy a copyrighted CD

    Learn how to rip copy protected audio-CD's onto your computer in a few easy steps.

    1)Download and install IsoBuster (the freeware version).

    2)Create a folder for the music that you want to extract in an easily
    accessible place.

    3)Start up IsoBuster.

    4)Put your CD into the computer while holding down the SHIFT key (to stop windows autorun).

    5) In IsoBuster, click on Session 1 on the right- hand side and select all of the tracks.

    6) Right click the selected tracks and click Extract Objects.

    7) Select the folder that you had created previously as the destination for the files.

    After the copy has finished, you may rename and import the files into your favorite audio program or put them on any mp3 player that you wish.

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