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Best Web Browsers for Your Android Device

  • Sunday, 22 September 2013
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  • Best Web Browsers for Your Android Device
    Best Web Browsers for Your Android Device

    Android, the mobile operating system by Google is so popular today. One reason for its popularity is the availability of tons of free applications for Android. One such important application that you should choose correctly is the browser. The browser connects you to the World Wide Web; a software application that is used to surf and navigate the internet. There are many browsers available for you to choose from, but deciding the right browser becomes difficult sometimes, because of different requirements of different people.We have compiled a list of 5 best browsers to help you choose the right browser to use with your Android device. See the features and choose for yourself :

    1. Firefox
    A free browser that will save you time as the speed of this browser is impeccable. It has undergone a major update and has become one of the favourite browsers of Android users. Firefox has redeemed itself with this major update and has trounced the competition. In fact, according to Google, Firefox is compatible with 94% of all the Android devices being used compared to just 7% of the Chrome. It works on all devices which have Android 2.2 (Froyo) or newer. So far, it has had just positive reviews and more people are switching to Firefox.

    2. Chrome
    Chrome’s unique features are its tab system, searches that are ‘lightning fast’, ability to sync bookmarks through Google sign in, Incognito Mode Browsing – which allows you to browse privately, voice search and scrolling navigation. Chrome for Android also boasts fast browsing as it is optimised for mobile. Definitely a must for Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich Android users, but the Chrome browser can only be used for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above devices.

    3. Dolphin Browser
    For RSS subscribers, this browser may be the cup of tea. Dolphin simplifies the web pages making it easier for you to read. It has a HD version for mobile phones and the Mini version for handheld devices. It supports more third-party plug-ins and tools that uncover more features. The Dolphin Sonar lets you open and navigate the web via on-screen gestures. Dolphin sonar also adds text-to-speech feature in Dolphin browser.

    4. Opera Mobile/Mini
    Opera desktop users will love the mobile and mini versions, as synching is just a snap away. Fast and free, with third-party add-ons for more improvements whether on the browser or games. Always remember that the mobile and mini versions are not the same; Opera mobile is a full browser unlike the mini, however the file size of the latter is smaller. Opera mobile also compresses the data in the background, before it is delivered to you, hence saving your bandwidth usage. For older devices Opera is the best option to go for.

    5. Boat Browser/Mini
    This is a fun and free browser for your device that boasts a powerful voice control feature. If you say “Facebook”, the browser will automatically open Facebook for you. There are various skins and themes that you can choose from in order to personalise your browser. The mini version of the Boat browser can be used if your device can not handle the full version.

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