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Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a success?

  • Saturday, 17 August 2013
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  • The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been around for a little while now and has proved a remarkable success, proving popular with consumers and tech buffs alike. But why has it proved such a hit?
    Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a success?
    Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a success?
    Here are some of the reasons we like it:

    Expand your memory

    The 4g mobile phone might not be able to boost your own brain power (unless of course you use it to play a few puzzles ) but if you’re a lover of apps, games and generally making the most of your smartphone a decent amount of memory could be essential. The S4 comes with 16GB internal memory, which is enough to keep most people going for a good while, but if the time comes when you do need a bit more space pick up a microSD card to take things up to as much as 64GB.

    Get the right picture

    Whether taking snaps using your phone is an occasional interest, or something you normally do on daily basis the Samsung Galaxy S4 has plenty to offer. It boasts a 13-megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and also has a two-megapixel front camera , which is perfect for video calls or selfie snaps! And if you find yourself behind the lens but don’t want to miss out on a group photo completely then simply take a pic with both cameras at the same time. There are loads of other nifty features and editing tools too, such as being able to make your own gifs and removing unwanted elements from an image with ease.

    Screen size

    With a five-inch full HD screen if you want a device that’s great for catching up with the latest YouTube videos or catch-up TV with then look no further. All this is possible on the move too for those with pay monthly 4g deals. Despite its size it shouldn’t feel bulky as it’s just 8mm thick and weighs just 130 grams with the removable (and therefore replaceable) battery inside. Of course, if you have tiny pockets the larger screen size might not feel as advantageous!

    Touchfree detection

    One of the smartest things about the S4 is its ability to detect actions without you needing to place your hands on the screen. For example, if you’re reading an article the handset will know you’re looking at it and keep the display lit. In addition to this a simple swipe of the fingers above the device is all that’s needed to scroll and answer calls, so you needn’t ever have to look up ways to clean your screen after putting your dirty paws on the display again.

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