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How To Download Torrents on Android

  • Saturday, 19 October 2013
  • sama arooj
  • How to Download Torrents on Android || Top 5 Best Ways to Download Torrents on Android

    Torrents have become most famous due to the variety of content that its offers like music, videos and full HD movies and many more. We all use torrents to download full length movies, audio, videos and other files and it is best way. Most of us use computer to download Torrents but now you can easily download torrents on Android and iOS devices. To download Torrent on Android you need Apps which have listed below and how to download Torrents on Android.

    1. tTorrent lite
    tTorrent lite
    tTorrent Lite is a best free Torrent app to download torrents on Android devices and It offers almost all features of full Bittorrent client like Download Speed limit, Torrent Search, Wi-fi Mode, Tracking. This app provides friendly User Interface which is similar to utorrent client for PC. 
    Download Link: tTorrent lite

    tTorrent lite

    • After download tTorrent lite app then install on android device.
    • From your Browser download torrent file to SD card(memory card).
    • Now open tTorrent Lite app.
    • Click Add torrent button and select torrent file from SD card. 
    • Click download and torrent file starts downloading.
    • With this app you can limit download and upload speed and also use wi-fi to download speed by just clicking Option button.
    2. aTorrent
    aTorrent is another best android app for downloading Torrent files. It provides almost all features which includes in BitTorrent. It also supports DHT for trackerless torrents and can load magnet links, that are now more famous.
    Download Link: aTorrent


    • Download aTorrent app and install on Android mobile.
    • Now open browser and download torrent link. 
    • Now open the aTorrent app and add torrent.
    • Now click search then click on download your desired file starts downloading. 
    • You can also also check status download any time. 
    • It also provides using Wi-fi and allows to have multiple, parallel downloads so you don't need to worry about downloading multiple files at once.

    3. aDownloader
    aDownloader is also another best app to download torrents on android smartphone as well tablets But most of the users who have recently tried this app have commented that it not work fine on Andoid 4.1 jelly bean.
    Download Link: aDownloader

    4. uTorrent App
    uTorrent App
    utorrent is also one of the best Android app to download torrent files on Android devices.
    Download Link : uTorrent 

    5. Bit Torrent(Beta)
    Bit Torrent(Beta)

    BitTorrent Beta is one of my favorite app to download torrents on my smartphone and it is the official BitTorrent client for Android. 
    Download Link: Bit Torrent(Beta)

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