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Top 5 Best Free VPN Software

  • Monday, 19 August 2013
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  • We all love freebies, don’t we? Though VPN doesn’t normally cost anything over 10 bucks per month and is, therefore, quite affordable, some of us might still feel that it’s an undue expense blowing a hole in our wallet. And above all, we all love not to spend big on things that we can get for free. But then, finding a free service that can compete which the best of paid services out there on market shelves, certainly need some doing and is not always possible. While going for any particular services, certain crucial factors must surely be kept in mind, such as speed, security and privacy. Moreover, we have to watch out for any restrictions that may be a part of the service package like, in general, various restrictions are placed on data caps and various VPN services do not offer P2P torrent downloads either. So, selection is not always easy.
    But you need not worry as here today we have brought for you a wrap-up of five of the world’s best VPN services and guess what, they are all absolutely free.
    Top 5 Best Free VPN Software

    1 Winner – CyberGhost

    Pros: CyberGhost is a marvelous VPN service that is fairly dependable and offers various exciting features such as a fabulous VPN client, decent P2P, and open VPN encryption.

    Cons: The only thing holding back CyberGhost is its speed cap and auto disconnection after every 6 hours of use.

    CyberGhost can be easily and justly dubbed as one highly courteous service with premium plans being available only as a supplement, as per their own claims. Users can easily connect through 128-bit OpenVPN protocol via a decent-enough VPN client. The VPN is competent enough to do justice with its job, provided you abide by the following reasonable restrictions:
    • Speed cap of 1 Mb/s
    • Adverts – you will have to see a minimum of 17 seconds of ad s on connecting for the first time, while there will be more advertisements after every two hours.
    • Choice of server is not available as free VPN users will be automatically connected to the server available
    • As earlier stated, you will be disconnected automatically after every six hours, though you can reconnect almost immediately.
    • Auto-reconnection is not available as users will have to connect automatically following a disconnection.
    Tor Network

    Pros: It makes one of the most reliable ways to safeguard your identity online by maintaining anonymity. However, not to forget that nothing is 100% secure in the today’s web world. It provides straightforward interface, and is easy-to-install.

    Cons: P2P not available, slow connection

    We can’t claim it as a full-fledged VPN service, but Tor Network is used all over the world as one safe and free medium designed to make sure you use of Internet stays anonymous. Using this open source Tor client, your connection to the Internet will stay anonymous and you connect via distributed network that makes use of Online Routing service for layered encryption.
    The major drawback of Tor is that it is quite slow in approach since the bounce of your traffic goes around volunteers’ computer systems all over the world. The Tor Network also does not permit P2P file sharing, to make sure the experience of other users is not damaged due to strain.


    Pros: Excellent Windows client, decent P2P, no logs, trendsetting Android application, and fast connection.

    Cons: Well, it seems to take away everything but Kepard is only for half an hour a day

    It’s a tiny Moldovan VPN service provider which, along with offering a 15-day free trial, also provides its free service but only for half an hour each day. Though this limit is somewhat highly restrictive, the VPN server of Kepard can be accessed at full speed during this short timeframe of half hour. It is surely one of the best VPN software in the market and makes use of 128-bit encryption. So, cutting to the chase, Kepard surely deserves a try, especially for Android users since its Android app is certainly a joie-de-vivre.


    Pros: A reasonably
     fast VPN, in general, 2048-bit encryption with no advertisements

    Cons: data limit of only 600Mb a month, fairly restrictive, no P2P, monitoring of user activities

    VPN.S provides its users with a free service through its electrifying encryption of 2048-bit OpenVPN. Under the restrictions tab stated below, VPN.S network can be accessed through its standard client.
    • Only one serve available, US-based
    • Data limit of 600Mb
    • Activities are logged
    • Only for Windows

    To sum it up, it’s an avant-garde service with quite a few restrictions, the biggest of them being the data limit of 600Mb which will generally be reached in no time, even if you’re watching a simple video on YouTube. Moreover, it is really not fitting enough for P2P file sharers.

    Hide My Ass

    Hide My Ass is one of the most imminent VPN service providers who are also leading names in offering web proxy services. Hide My Ass is also prominent service provider in the field of database maintenance for public proxies.
    The proxy works reasonably fine when we talk about browsing easygoing websites designed in HTML, though for complex websites such as YouTube the service is not truly apt enough since the speed really gores down in the dumps. However, using Hide My Ass’ database for connecting to free public proxies sounds a better idea indeed, though, there again; it is somewhat complex and time consuming.
    HMA also provides its free services for anonymous web linking, file uploading and emailing.
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