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How To Track Facebook Profile

  • Tuesday, 20 August 2013
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  • How To Track Facebook Profile
    How To Track Facebook Profile
    Facebook has its strong privacy policy.It doesn't allow you.There are a lot of apps which claims to track recent profile visitors but does not work 100%. If none of the applications is working, Then how to track recent facebook profile visitors ?”Huffing Tech” will solve your problem.There is a simple trick by which you can track their recent facebook profile visitors.Follow the given below steps.
    1) Login to your facebook profile.

    2) Click on "home" button on upper right side.

    3) Right-click on any blank part of page and click "view page source" or instead open "view-source:https://www.facebook.com/" in a new tab of your browser.

    4) Now search for "InitialChatFriendsList" in source code.

    5) Right after this keyword you'll see the following:{"list":["100303443483","100027126747","1000150182784", "1000316478180","1000012130967","1000024602374",",]:} These numbers are the Facebook ID's of your friends profile; the first number is the facebook friend's profile ID, who've visited your profile page the most and so on

     6) To see who is the specific person exist behind a Facebook ID. just copy any Facebook ID and, replace the X's with copied Facebook ID and open it in your browser. http://www.facebook.com/XXXXXXXXXX 

    How To Track Facebook Profile

    7) You have done.If you like this trick mention in comments and share with your friends.

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