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Top 10 Surprisingly cute Baby Animals

  • Thursday, 5 September 2013
  • sama arooj
  • 1. Baby Pufferfish
    Baby Pufferfish

    This docile baby is one of the most poisonous creatures in the world. It's not that they'll "bite", they're deadly only if you eat them! The Pufferfish has many names which all describe it's appearance, but in science its species is termed, Tetraodontidae. What's adorable is the baby looks exactly similar to an adult, just much smaller. 

    2. Fennec Desert Fox Pup
    Fennec Desert Fox Pup

    Fennec fox babies are so adorable! Sometimes they're interbreed with domesticated dogs, and we're wondering if that's just what this pup is.
    Fennec foxes are desert animals of The Sahara in North Africa. They been in existence for over 800,00 years, so they're more than resourceful in harsh environments. 

    3. Baby Sand Cat
    Baby Sand Cat

    Don't be fooled by cute overload, the Sand Cat is a little-known species of desert cats. They live in the harshest deserts of Africa and Asia. They're comfortable in environments other wildcats cannot handle, like the Sahara and Arabian deserts as well as those of Iran and Pakistan.

    4. Baby Porcupine
    Baby Porcupine

    It's so adorable, we can barely hold back the urge to touch! Caution, this prickly baby is equipped to defend. When babies are born their quills are soft but within an hour they harden like needles!

    5. Albino Baby Koala
    Albino Baby Koala

    Have you ever seen anything cuter?! His name is Onya-Birri and we just want to squeeze! He's the world's only albino koala in captivity and can be found at The San Diego Zoo.Onya-Birri was born in the zoo and as baby koalas do, he spent the first 6 months in his mom's pouch. 

    6. Baby Peacock
    Baby Peacock

    Peacocks must be spoiled! They're lovely as babies (known as pea chicks) and they're breath-taking as adults, especially the males, sporting colorful courtship plumage! Another name for Peacocks is Peafowl, they're a part of the pheasant family stemming from Asia and Africa.

    7. Baby Llama
    Baby Llama

    How can one not be charmed by this peaceful Baby Llama?! It looks like a delightful cross between a lamb and small camel! In actuality Llamas are a domestic South American herd animal derived from the Guanacos and vicuñas species which are wild, and indeed stem from camels. 

    8. Bush Baby
    Bush Baby

    This is not your usual primate, but if you look closely it has 5 divergent digits with nails! Such a cute character!! The Bush Baby is a Prosimian Primate and in the same family as the Lemur; Galago is its classification of species.They are native to Africa and Asia, not Madagascar where their cousin the Lemur lives. 

    9. Baby Stingrays
    Baby Stingrays

    We are almost speechless with these critters, but they are for real! What looks to be a pair of legs are called "claspers", or modified fins. Claspers are only found on males, for mating.. so these three dancing babies are males! Stingrays are found around the world inhabiting warmer tropical waters, they generally prefer deeper depths over shallow. Females breed in the winter and birth around 5 to 15 babies in a litter. The babies are actually milk-fed while inside the mother during gestation.They don't have predators except for sharks, and they're solely carnivorous, not eating plant life. They are most known for their deadly razor-sharp stingers. They reach up to 14ft long, so seeing these little baby rays is truly wondrous!

    10. Dolphin Calf
    Dolphin Calf

    This perfectly formed baby Bottlenose Dolphin is a replica of its adult counterpart. It must have great strength and agility, to leap out of the ocean at such a young age. It's amazing to see an adult jump, can you imagine a little baby.. is it smiling?  Dolphins are marine mammals related to whales and porpoises. They're one of the most intelligent animals around, not to mention their friendly and playful personalities! Dolphins are extremely social and live in groups called pods or superpods, numbering from 12 to over 1,000 individuals. 

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