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How to Fix Blue Screen Error In Windows 8 ?

  • Wednesday, 4 September 2013
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  • How to Fix Blue Screen Error In Windows 8 ?
    How to Fix Blue Screen Error In Windows 8 ?

    Blue Screen Error is one of the most common problem that every windows 8 user is facing nowadays. Blue Screen Error is also know as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) there are many reasons for occurrence of this problem on your windows 8 computer. A Blue Screen of Death is usually hardware or driver related

    Here are some common reasons for this error:
    Sometimes Restarting your System can help you to come out of this problem 

    Problems in Registries:

    Registries are considered to be the most important part of your computer, these are used to store the settings of your PC to run smoothly. Problem in these registries can make your computer to crash!.

    Solution of this Problem is: Clean the registry

    You can use some registries cleaners to overcome this problem.There are so many software available on Internet which can solve this problems.We recommend to use CCleaner.

    Malfunctioning Programs /software:
    There are some software which can crash your computer, so it is so important to ensure that your computer supports the software to run smoothly. And running of programs infected with Virus and malware, can also lead to registers problems, finally to the Blue Screen Error. Right now there is no software or tool which can help you in checking the compatibility issues, before installing, some times windows detects them automatically and reports to you, So you need to get the ensure from the manufacture of the software that it supports your windows operating system. 

    Improper Shutting Down:
    I have seen some people and I myself shut down the computer improperly! which is really a bad habit, which can decrease the health of your computer and make your problems more severe! So stop shutting downing the system directly. Use proper ways to shut down.

    Clean Up the Start Up programs:
    Startup+Programms, The malfunctioning programs can avoid you to login into your system and can cause the BlueScreen error, Usually these programs start running at the Startup time and will cause the errors. You can kill all the startup programs by following these steps:
    • Boot into Safe Mode into your computer
    • Then open the "Task Manager"
    • and open the tab "StartUp"
    • Now disable the culprit program which is causing the error.
    • If you are not sure which one is causing error, you can disable all the programs!
    • And restart your computer normally!

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