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Top 10 Funny, Weird Scholarships You Could Really Apply For

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  • 10 Funny, Weird Scholarships You Could Really Apply For
    10 Funny, Weird Scholarships You Could Really Apply For

    A college education can sometimes cost an arm and a leg, especially in this day and age when college tuition is sometimes rising at 25% per year. And at the very least, a college education is considered to be a very hefty, yet valuable, investment. Thankfully, there are scholarships that offer financial assistance for students who wish to pursue tertiary education. While most of these require stellar academic records and impressive extracurricular activities, a few only need the applicants to meet some really unusual and/or hilarious conditions. Want to know what these scholarships are? Check out the following ten funny, weird scholarships that are totally for real:

    1. Beans for Brains Scholarship

    Beans for Brains Scholarship
    Before you conclude that this funny scholarship is only for those who are not all too bright, you’d better think again. The name of the scholarship comes from the Jimmy Beans Wool Store, which is sponsoring six $3,000 scholarships for anyone who takes pleasure in knitting. Now, don’t you wish you spent more quality knitting time with your precious grandmother? Who knew those knitting needles were the keys to a better education?! Better start practicing. You may still be able to meet the April 15, 2013 deadline for applications.

    2. Tall Clubs International Scholarship

    Forget about those bullies in high school who tortured you by calling you the “Goliath” of the class. It’s time you saw the advantage of your towering height! In order to be eligible for this financial aid, guys must be at least 6’2,” while ladies must be at least 5’10″. However, that isn’t all that’s required. After all, there are a multitude of tall people out there. You must at least have a scholarship-winning essay talking about “What Being Tall Means to Me.” Beat the other applicants at that, and you’ll be $1,000 closer to the education of your dreams.

    3. Tea Drinking Scholarship
    Tea Drinking Scholarship

    The amount of money involved in this scholarship, which is offered up by The Calm-A-Sutra of Tea, is a whopping $20,000! It’s probably safe to say that you’ll do practically anything to get your hands on that money. Well, first things first. Even if you win this scholarship, you won’t touch a single cent of it, because the money will be paid directly to the institution. Now that’s clear, the only thing you have to accomplish is create your very own video about the value of tea to one’s health. Sounds simple enough? Don’t be so cocky yet. The competition is quite fierce!

    4. Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest
    Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest

    If you’re a natural duck whisperer or, in this case, duck caller, you just might have a shot at winning this funny scholarship. Head down to Stuttgart, Arkansas where you’ll be pitted against the best and most skilled duck-calling participants to ever walk on this planet. Contestants are given 90 seconds to quack all they can for the $1,500 grand prize. Those who come in second, third, and fourth place don’t have to be so dismayed as they will also receive $500, $300, and $200, respectively.

    5. Little People of America Scholarships
    Little People of America Scholarships
    There’s nothing really funny about being so short that you get called names by cruel people, but if being short is what it takes to win scholarships amounting to $1,000, then all the name calling shouldn’t matter as much. Since tall(er) people get to be awarded scholarships, it is only right that short individuals enjoy the same opportunity. Luckily, Little People of America offers students who aren’t any taller than 4’10” a chance to win a scholarship.

    6. Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship
    Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

    Okay, so this one’s really weird, not to mention unrealistic. However, the $1,000 scholarship is totally real! So in the spirit of gaining the means to afford higher education, just assume that zombies really exist. Once you have fooled yourself into believing that, you are then ready for the final step: creating a survival plan with only 5 specific items to your name as well as indicating the place/s where you’ll be hiding from the zombies. 

    7. Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Contest
    Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Contest
    So that was what those weirdos dressed in duct tape were trying to win at the prom! All they had to do to get the $3,000 cash prize (for each person) was to use duct tape in their accessories or prom attire and send a picture of themselves wearing such costumes. If you spent the entire event giving them haughty and superior looks, you’re probably rethinking your actions right now. Your pretty pink prom dress won’t get you any closer to that prize.

    8. Flavor of the Month Scholarship
    Flavor of the Month Scholarship
    If visions of ice cream are making your mouth water right now, imagine the joy you’ll be feeling once you are granted this scholarship. There’s nothing complicated about this one. You simply have to write a short essay about which ice cream flavor best represents your character. Of course, as with any kind of writing, it is best if you know what you’re talking about. So a trip to the nearest ice cream parlor may just be the thing to inspire you to write that money-winning essay. Don’t let this opportunity melt away!

    9. Scholarships for Twins

    Know how twins, at this point in their lives, would like to spread their wings and not be overshadowed by each other? Well, if you and your twin aren’t like most twins and don’t mind spending the next 4 years together while pursuing your academic goals, then the following schools might be right for you. Georgia’s Morris Brown College is willing to take both of you for the price of only one, while Ohio’s Lake Erie College offers something similar, with 50% discounts for both of your tutions. You might also want to check out the scholarships offered by Pennsylvania’s Wilson College, Oklahoma’s Carl Albert State College, Virginia’s Randolph-Macon Women’s College, and DC’s George Washington University. Clearly, colleges and universities love twins! 

    10. Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship
    Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship
    This scholarship offers $3,000 for college students who are presently engaged in the study of parapsychology. Anyone who isn’t familiar with this field should know that it involves matters such as near-death experiences, reincarnation, and telepathy. So if you’re into the ghost-busting thing, what are you waiting for? This scholarship could be the huge break you’ve been praying for! In the past, all it took to be granted a scholarship was an outstanding GPA, a clean record, and a string of interesting extracurricular activities. Today, there are plenty of weird scholarships that recognize the unique, the unusual, and the funny characteristics and abilities of deserving students.

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