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10 hidden features of iOS 7

  • Friday, 4 October 2013
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  • 10 hidden features of iOS 7
    10 hidden features of iOS 7

    When Apple first took the veil off its new mobile operating system iOS 7 at this year’s WWDC and then again during the launch of the new iPhone's, it highlighted a number of new features. From a flatter look and updated camera features to all-new Control Center and Notifications Bar,This Post Has Been Posted by Cyber Elite. Apple showed what a radical departure its new OS is compared to its predecessor, the iOS 6. While many of the 200 new features that Apple has introduced with iOS 7 are quite in-your-face and easy to find, there are a few that users may find difficult to locate easily. Here is a look at 10 such not-so-overt features of Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system.

    1. Swipe to return
    In iOS 6 and older versions, you had to press the Back button on top-left corner to return to the previous menu in most apps. With iOS 7, you can move one step back in most apps with just a swipe from the left to right.

    2. Spotlight search
    For six generations of iOS, Apple kept the Spotlight Search at the extreme left of the Home Screen, just beside the first app menu page. In iOS 7, however, you need to swipe down from the middle of the screen (not from top) in order to open Spotlight Search.

    3. Better message view
    When you used to type messages in iOS 6 and earlier versions, you could not scroll up to look at previously sent texts in the same thread. You were forced to hit the Send button in order to see previous messages. However, this has been fixed with the new update, allowing you to move up and down the thread without the need of sending the message.

    4. Unlimited apps in folders
    If you are among those who download hundreds of apps in their iPads or iPhone's, then you cannot not have folders to manage them better and unclutter the home screen. While Apple allowed you to put a maximum of 16 apps in a folder until now, it has pulled out all stops with iOS 7, so the folders now support unlimited number of apps in a single folder.

    5. Shake to undo
    Accidentally deleted a mail? Want it back immediately? Just shake your iPhone or iPad to retrieve it from the annals of history. This also applies when you mistakenly archive a message. Of course, shake to undo also works on contacts, call logs, text messages etc.

    6. Signal strength dots
    If you have already updated your Apple device to iOS 7, one look at the Notification Bar will show you the network the device is working on, but it won’t show the bars that represent signal strength. Apple has replaced the age-old bars with five dots that appear on the top left side. The lesser the signal, the fewer the dots will be.

    7. Better file management
    Using a connected device usually means that you may be transferring a lot of data, whether it is photos, videos, contacts or documents. In iOS 7, all the data you receive from other devices will be sorted in their respective places. So new photos will go in Album and documents will be sent to iWork and so on.

    8. Shared Links
    Twitter users will be glad to see that viewing the websites that people they follow on the microblogging site share has become much easier with iOS 7. In the new operating system, Apple's Safari browser integrates your Twitter feed and lists all the links that people you are following post under the Shared Links tab, making it much easier to read the web pages.

    9. Siri searches Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing
    Apple’s digital voice assistant Siri, which recently shed the beta tag, will now also be able to search Microsoft's search engine Bing to find answers for your queries. In order to make searches more relevant, it will also scour Wikipedia and Twitter to get you the best possible results. If Siri does not pronounce your name properly, you can even teach the software how to do so in iOS 7.

    10. Find My iPhone gets new beefier
    In case your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can not only wipe all data it contains off the device, but also make it harder for the unauthorized finder to sell it, or use it again. if you have actived Find My iPhone, it will now delete the data and ask you to enter your Apple ID and password to reactivate it. You cannot use the device unless the credentials last used on the phone are provided.

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