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Top 10 Useful free Android Apps For Web Designers

  • Sunday, 13 October 2013
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  • Top 10 Useful free Android Apps For Web Designers

    Web designers always want easiest and most useful tools for their webs and if you are Android user then this work become easy How? its ans very simple because Android offers lot of apps for web designers to ease their work like here in this post have listed Top 10 Useful free Android Apps For Web Designers so if you are using an Android device then you can always make use of different tools that will make website designing a lot easier and most important thing is that most of the apps mentioned below list cost you nothing because they are free. As Some of them also come with paid versions that you can try before making a purchase.

    Magic Color Picker

    This is most useful tool for web designers which makes it easier to pick different colors for their websites. As it uses a sliding mechanism, you can conveniently pick a color according to your requirements. There are seven different modes to use this app as you can mix colors per your liking. It also allows you to work with four different color models, including HSL, HSV, RGB and YUV. It presents color in hex or decimal, and keeps you from downloading anything to use it on your website.


    Whenever you want to use images on your site then you have to edit them for further so to solve your this photo editing problem with the help of this particular app. If you already working on Photoshop then you will find it easy to work on this little awesome app. It edits photos on Android phones and the interesting thing is that once you have finished editing your images, you can save them or upload them from your device, it is also possible to upload them on another device.

    WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite
    If you are coder then you should consider making use of this app because it allows to write new code in a HTML editor with find programming getting a bit easier, it makes it possible to create the code and then save or email it for use. It also has a paid version that will make it possible to write CSS, JavaScript and PHP. With its syntax highlighting features, it becomes easier to write and use your code.

    Simple Text-Text Icon Creator

    As many of us need an icon creator so you can use this app for this one purpose. This amazing app allows to create icons with just text. It is quite easy-to-use, as you just need to type in the text and use the button to create a widget/icon. It is possible to change the font and settings to make the text look impressive. You don’t have to go through any hassle to add or remove colors and effects.


    When you work on the Flickr website, you always look for something to upload your images and videos from your android device, that’s when you can opt for this particular app. You can use its background-uploading feature to continue work on your device while sending your files to your Flickr account and modify its privacy settings and change image tags as per your requirements. It also allows you to change, upload, and download different images at the same time.

    PhotoStitch Lite
    If you are looking for a useful app to create impressive graphics then you should try this app, as it allows to create uniquely designed images for your website. You have to take images of an object from different angles and then upload them on to the app – it will take care of the rest. By joining them all together, it will provide you with a multi-dimensional image to use on your website.

    Color Pal

    It is another particular tool which allows to play with different colors. Web designers are aware of the fact that they can easily use hexadecimal to select different colors, but this app help them to check different color palettes before finalizing the colors for the website.

    PHP Reference
    This is a good app for those who like to design websites while playing with PHP code. You will find a variety of PHP code on this app, which makes it a popular choice for many web designers. It is easy to use and has everything categorized perfectly well.

    9. Typography & Font
    You can't complete your website unless you have added the text, and that’s why this app will come in handy. You can use this particular app to create a diverse range of fancy fonts as well as typefaces. This is a simple way of showing your creative side to the world. It allows you design graphics, text, and borders to make your website look impressive.

    When using CSS code, you will always need some help. That’s when this code will lend a helping hand. With chunks of CSS code loaded on it, this app is going to show you the CSS code you need to complete your design project. It works more as a reference app where you will find answer to your programming related questions. In other words, this particular app is going to serve as an alternative to your programming books.

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