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How To Install Flash Player on your Android device?

  • Thursday, 22 August 2013
  • sama arooj
  • How To Install Flash Player on your Android device?
    How To Install Flash Player on your Android device?

    Adobe announced Flash Player for Android many time ago only.Flash Player necessary for the peoples who visit the websites containing Flash Contents.Without Flash Player you will face many difficulties to views websites with Flash Contents. So here we will discuss how to install flash player in you Android device.Adobe Flash Player is no longer available to Google Play Store.So for that you have to get it from Adobe official Website(links are given Below).

    Steps to Install Flash Player in your Android device :
    1. Download the latest version available on the website.
    2. Then allow the phone to install apps from unknown source.
    3. Go to Downloads where the Flash player downloaded is present.
    4. Click on the file to automatically install flash Player.

    To navigate we recommend you to install Mozilla Firefox for android, because its a plugin-capable browser and it will allow to you to views most of the flash contents. Now you have successfully installed flash player but to optimize performance and avoid compatibility error, we recommend you to set your Firefox browser to activate playback flash only when you click on the elements. you have to press menu then go to settings and you will be with plugins settings.

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