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How To Run More Than One WhatsApp Account On Your Android Device?

  • Wednesday, 21 August 2013
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  • How To Run More Than One WhatsApp Account On Your Android Device
    How To Run More Than One WhatsApp Account On Your Android Device?

    WhatsApp a instant messaging app which the most famous instant chatting client on almost all mobile platforms. Other than instant Chatting Whatsapp gives its user many features like file sharing like images,videos,etc. And by Offering so much useful features WhatsApp becomes very famous in a very short period. WhatsApp craze can be understand by seeing the figures by WhatsApp only which tells us that WhatsApp Holds 200 million + monthly active users. According to a report issued, it send more than 20 million messages per day, that is approximately double the message carried out by Facebook. Whats App is so popular nowadays that most Smartphones Coming are preloaded with WhatsApp. So, now Coming back to the Topic "How to run more than One WhatsApp account on you android device". It's very easy for Dual Sim mobile Users, but if you don't have duos android device.So we gonna discuss about our Topic.

    Things Needed:
    1. Rooted Android Device (Be sure your device is rooted otherwise this trick won't work)
    2. SwitchMe Multiple Accounts App for your Android Device.(Download link)
    3. Installed WhatsApp on you device
    4. A good Free Space in your SD card on Phone Memory.

    Procedure to Run more than one WhatsApp account on your Android Device:
    Note: First of All Install SwitchMe app and after that follow the below Steps

    1. Run the SwitchMe app and create two different profile to run two different accounts of WhatsApp. These two profiles will have their own different different system settings, Apps and Data.

    2. The First user Profile created by user will work as an Administrator by default and this Profile will contain all the Apps,settings and data which you are having currently on your device.This Profile Will Contain your First WhatsApp Account.

    3. The Second Profile is Virtual and new, and this Profile will have it's own Settings, Apps and Data. Host your Site on HostGator

    Do the Following in SwitchMe app:
    Switch to this account—> Set up your phone for this account And Then —>Open Play Store—> Install/Download WhatsApp. Now, register WhatsApp for your second SIM in this profile. 
    Finally Done !!!! Now You are Running Successfully Running More than one WhatsApp Account on your Android 

    Note: Perform at your own risk neither the Writer nor the developer is responsible for anything wrong happens.The Trick is Working fine on my Android Device.

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